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Data Services for Nonprofits

The Social Impact Analytics Institute mission includes providing nonprofits assistance in deriving actionable insights from their data. We recognize that stretching donation dollars is more critical than ever - and that data services are often expensive and confusing. 

SIAi strives to be part of the social solution by offering these services to nonprofits at a reduced cost:

Goal Setting and Report Preparation

Assistance establishing and tracking Key Performance Indicators that align with organizational goals

Customized, interactive, mobile and web-based data visualizations for boards and donors

Fundraising and Marketing

Infographics for use on websites, social media, and
in marketing materials

A/B testing for improving fundraising performance 

Social Media Tracking and
Donor Retention

Social media and online review tracking and analysis

Donor review and retention

Creation of data stories to encourage donations

About our process

Possible next steps

Advanced Data Analytics

Pivoting from looking at what your organization has done in the past to building analytics processes for making strategic, data-driven decisions on what to do next.

Machine Learning and AI

Want to pick out key points from text reviews shared about your organization online? Want to run A/B tests to determine your best marketing strategy?


We can make it happen!

We'll make a plan

Scope of Work

Based on our consultation, along with any other follow up information we gather, we will create a document containing clearly defined steps on how SIAi will help your organization use its existing data sources to create impactful visualizations, drive strategic decision making, and show how your org is accomplishing its mission.

* An estimate of hours and cost will be included

Reports for your needs

Dashboard Creation

We will create 3-5 standardized dashboards from your data, including interactive, powerful visualizations that are focused on answering your business questions and telling your organization’s story.

Additional Options:

  • Creation of additional, custom dashboards

  • Cloud storage hosting of auto-updating dashboards

Tell us about your needs

Initial Consultation

An open conversation with Ben or Jeanna, SIAi’s co-founders, about what your organization needs -  where your data is stored, how it is tracked, how you want to tell your story, and the ideal path to best share the impact your organization is making.


We are a nonprofit organization helping other nonprofits - so we understand where you are coming from, and we want to see you succeed! 

Workflow improvements

Data collection and pipeline set up or optimization

In meeting with organizations, we’ve seen that needs and resources differ greatly. While one may use a sophisticated software module for client tracking, another may use 3 different Excel spreadsheets that are filled out by 3 different employees.


We will work with what you have, use the technology you are already paying for, and, if you request it, make recommendations for optimizing your data collection process.

Ready to take the next step for your employees and organization?

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